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From Dave Minchew (Capt) & Colin Campbell (Vice Capt)
It is proposed to trial a new format for the men’s pairs this year. See link below.

It is a good opportunity for some of the newer players to be able to experience playing different shots from different positions, rather than just leading.
The format is not difficult to adjust to, but if you have any questions please contact myself, Colin or Eddie K.
Men's Pairs
GBA Competitions Update.
Fixture Card.

Due to the current circumstances there are regular changes and updates being made on the fixture card.
From today (8th) only the current month will be displayed.
This will make it easier to make changes when necessary.
Club Handicap Competition.

The sheet with individual handicaps is now on the competitoin notice board.
You will notice a subtle change for 2021
Your own personal handicap should be put on the Scoreboard/Card at the start of the game, and not the differance between the competitors.

Please be aware that we no longer have a team in the Ladies Gloucestershire League Div 2.
Also Gloucester Spa do not have a team in Div 1.

Sad times,
NGL v Cheltenham

It’s always nice to put one over on Cheltenham. They are a hard side to beat with their abundance of good quality club players,
It was a game that could have gone either way, and did.
Starting slowly, Tewkesbury were eight down at 5 ends, and six down at 10.
But all was to change between the 10th and 15th ends with Tewkesbury scoring 30 shots to Cheltenham’s 19, to lead by eight.
They did close the gap late on but Tewkesbury hung on to win by 2.  Tewkesbury 97 (7pts) Cheltenham 95 (6pts)
R1. Swain, Hill, Craggs, Kavanagh 39-11
R2. Lawson, Bear, Haines, Keicher 15-22
R3. Upperton, Glass, Minchew, Guthrie 24-12
R4. Robins, Boulton, Arthur, Bishop 12-26
R5. Mundy, Hannigan, Avery, Campbell 7-24

Still top, but only just.
Tony Alcock Trophy v Cheltenham Spa
I have heard people say many times, if you have nothing nice to say it’s best to say nothing at all. So, having said that.
Ivan Robins, Suzanne Payne, Rowena Capper and Mike Bishop scored three on the last end to draw 19-19.
Janet Bishop, Jean Taylor, Colin Campbell and Eddie Kavanagh (with the help of the opposing skip) also scored three on the last end to win by two. 16-14
Tewkesbury 35, Spa 33.

A win is a win, but could do better.