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Tewkesbury Bowling Club

59 Club (Lottery)

Tewkesbury Bowling Club 59 Club.

Tewkesbury Bowls 59 Club (Bonus Ball Draw)

  • The draw is open to Members, Associates & Friends.
  • The draw will commence on Saturday 5th May 2018.
  • Bonus balls numbered 1 – 59 are available.
  • Numbers will be allocated at the pre-season meeting.
  • Payment is £1 per week per number.
  • One prize per week to a maximum of £29.50 (50%)
  • Winning Bonus Ball number will be taken from each Saturday’s National Lottery Draw.
  • The holder of the number drawn will win the prize for that week.
  • All proceeds in aid of club capital projects.


Any members, family or friends of Tewkesbury Bowling Club who would like to join please contact the club secretary.