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Tewkesbury Bowling Club

59 Club (Rules)

The Tewkesbury Bowls 59 Club  (Bonus Ball Draw) 
Proceeds towards club improvements 
The Bonus Ball Draw will be a regular fundraiser for Tewkesbury Bowling Club and will be administered by the 59 Club Organiser. Jean Taylor Sutton Lodge Hatfield Bank Hatfield Worcs WR5 2PZ Tel 01905 820501 
The Draw will commence on Saturday 5th May 2018 
Bonus Balls numbered 1 to 59 are available for sale at £1 per week.  
Bonus Ball Numbers will be allocated to participants randomly (initially at the pre-season meeting 17th March 2018) 
Players will be advised of their allocated number and the list of players’ numbers will be displayed on the Club notice board. 
All communication will be effected by email. 
PAYMENT: £1 per number, per week in advance , payable by standing order, starting on  30th April 2018 and every Monday weekly thereafter until further notice  (i.e. members will all pay on the same day of the week) 
(Payments for 12 months in advance, by bank transfer, can be accepted. Should you wish to do this, please contact the organizer.) 
Forms to be returned by 16th March 2018 (see entry form). 
Members may join at any time during the year where bonus balls are available.  
Members can withdraw from the Bonus Ball Draw at the end of any paid week but two weeks’ notice of intention to withdraw is required. 
One prize per week (50% of entry money collected for that week)to a maximum £29.50 once all bonus ball numbers are sold. 
The winning Bonus Ball number will be taken from each Saturday’s National Lottery Draw commencing on 5th MAY  2018 
The holder of the number drawn will win the prize for that week.  
If the winning ball number has not been bought/allocated, half of the prize money for that week will be retained by the Club and the other half will be rolled over to the next week.  
All prizes will be issued in the week following the draw and the list of winners names will be posted in the Club House and on the Club’s website. 
Prize monies will be paid by bank transfer only. 

1.The 59 Club Bonus Ball shall run all year round, a minimum of 25 balls must be sold to enable the scheme to run. More than one bonus ball competition may run at any one time. 
2. If more than 59 people want to join the scheme a waiting list will operate unless/until 25 names (or more) names are available to start a second competition.   
 3. One person shall be allocated to each number and each number costs £1 per week. A maximum of 3 balls per person is allowed.  
4. Balls are allocated on a first come first served basis. 
5. The wining ball shall be that of the bonus ball that is drawn in the Lotto draw in the National Lottery draw on Saturday nights.  
6. For a ball to be eligible to win a prize, payment must have been received in advance. 
7. When a person’s ball is drawn and the appropriate payment money has not been received, then that person will not be eligible to collect the winnings and a rollover will occur.    
8. Continued non-payment for a ball will result in the ball being available to be re-sold. 
9, The 59 Club organiser reserves the right to refuse pay out if one or more of the rules above are not complied with and his/her word is final. 
10. The 59 Club organiser is not paid and may enter the competition if he/she wishes.    
11. Participation in this competition will be open to members, relatives, friends of Tewkesbury Bowling Club. 
12. Participants must be over the age of 16. 
13. The viability of running the 59 Club will be reviewed half yearly by the committee